Laura (tavella) wrote,

bloody babies

There were some charms to this episode; Tough!Wesley is always good to see, and Gunn and Fred continue to be charming. But the story arc continues to be an idiot-plot; that is, Wesley fails to do the obvious sensible thing: tell Angel. And/or Gunn. And Cordelia when she come back, and frankly it's worth hauling her back from vacation for.

Yes, it'll be an unpleasant conversation. Yes, Angel will be sad. However, it's a necessary one. And considering his other options are killing Angel or stealing the baby, don't you think a little conversation is the obvious answer? And it's simply not fair to Angel to not give him the information.

Apart from that... the Look How Happy Angel Is With The Baby anvils were as subtle as the drug metaphor anvils over on Buffy. Yawn. Holtz's fine actor continues to anchor the goofiness they are turning his arc into, with his little mission impossible team. And the Holtz-Justine stuff they seem to be implying... whatever.
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