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25 October 2001 @ 12:52 am
sometimes you get what you want  
Tonight was Ar Noir, Chuck's fabulous handrolled campaign, a mixture of magic, Hammett, and high style. It was a major adventure sequence and the cards were a bit mischievious. (Ar Noir uses Chuck's Tarot system). After a long and exasperating quest to break through a wall into a chamber beneath a docklands warehouse, my character Molly ended up perched in a hole underneath the dock peering down into the chamber while Lila investigated an ominous black slab within. We decided to try to move it; Molly hauling a rope from her perch and Lila pushing. Molly decided to give it a little mystic help, willing it to come...

...and Chuck pulls the Six of Swords, "journey over water". Molly's unpredictable magic crackles to life, she tumbles backwards into the water at the sudden slack in the rope, and the slab comes. Across the floor like a freight train, hauling Lila with it, smashing right through the wall, and sailing out over the harbor waters.

It did not actually land on Molly's head, due to Lila's quick thinking, but it was a close run thing.
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