Laura (tavella) wrote,

the weekend

Dinner in Novato with ex-Yomuites fell through, due to planning not being executed early enough. Which is sad, because I really want to see people and reminisce and bitch about our dear stock-fraudulent ex-CEO. Did make it up to SF on Sunday and ate lunch with Bobby in a nice little Italian bistro and then saw Monsoon Wedding. Excellent movie; if you associate Bollywood with overacting or excessive drama, check this one out. It's so casually filmed that it feels like a docudrama at times, and there's all sorts of wonderful information and musings about modern India packed inside; arranged marriages versus romance, the Indian diasporia and its relationship with the mother country, old rituals and modern technology. And it's beautiful; flowers everywhere, the play of candles on faces, and gorgeous fabrics and costumes.
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