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I have failed to finish my skirt for my gypsy costume, I'll have to ask Megs if I can borrow her sewing machine tonight after Cowboy Bebop. Or maybe I'll wait until Saturday, since I don't think I'll be wearing it to Bound. A bit too floofy (purple choli and embroidered purple skirt) and happy. I'l probably default to the usual black corset.

The new site is good in most ways -- tremendously convenient to get to and park, big dance floor, two levels, lots of seating for when you want to people watch instead of dance -- but I hate the new playspace. The SoMa one was small but friendly, the warehouse one was perfect, lots of space and very casual and relaxed feeling. This one is tiny, and actually roped off with police tape, with what I can only describe as viewing areas at either end. I stopped in last time and the watching-monkeys-at-the-zoo vibe was so overwhelming I fled within minutes. Bleah.
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