Laura (tavella) wrote,


I'm trying to figure out if I just walked in on a bank robbery (or more precisely, walked alongside.) I was just walking back to my car after taking some money out of the San Antonio Road Cal Fed, and noticed that a cluster of cops have suddenly appeared and one is talking to the bank manager on the sidewalk. I hear bits of an exchange including 'shall I clear the back' and 'I'm panicking', and then the cops quickly head for the back lot.

I suspect my usual loop around the building exit is not going to be a good idea; when I check down the back access, I can see a cop crouched down, looking around the side of the building, with his gun out and held to his side. Definitely not a good idea. So I do the annoying four lane cross and u-turn on San Antonio, because while my curiousity is immense, it's not enough to leave me hanging around a building where guns may be involved.

I'd assume it was a robbery, except that if so, wouldn't the cops or the manager have told us to get out of there? Or at least left someone around front keeping people from going in the front entrance to the bank? There was a cop in a plainclothes car still there, but he wasn't close enough to stop anyone coming from the cross street. Maybe the manager locked the door on the way out. Or maybe it was a drill.
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