Laura (tavella) wrote,

catch up & movieing

My old glasses now give me a headache when I wear them for more than a few minutes, and I can't find my new ultralights. Pfui.

Wednesday we intended to game, but instead ended up having fondue prepared by the lovely princessmei and the always helpful cyranocyrano, and watching The One. It turned out not to be as bad as suggested by friends who saw it in theater, but still thoroughly predictable. A few entertaining in jokes, a lot of charm from Jet Li, and fights less memorable than I would have expect from something choreographed by Corey Yuen.

What did amuse me was watching the making of and realizing that it was written and directed by Morgan & Wong. There's a certain sector of X-Files and Millennium fans (or ex-fans) that will talk your ear off about how all good in the X-Files/M is the product of Morgan & Wong and all evil is Chris Carter, that Morgan and Wong were the holders of the true flame and that CC should have turned the show over to them, ladida et al.

I've never clued as to where they got this from; M & W wrote several excellent episodes, several decent ones, and a couple of lame ones. And Space Above and Beyond and the One confirm my opinion of them; plodders with not excessively original imaginations but flashes of brilliance. Above average, certainly, but that has more to do with where the average for science fiction TV and movies is than any special genius.

There *is* a genius in the Morgan family, of course, the incomparable Darin Morgan. Sadly, he is the brother with the crippling writer's block. Everyone else on X-Files ranks vastly below; Vince Gilligan probably comes closest. M&W are down in the upper pack, just above or below Carter. Depending on whether I'm feeling sentimental about CC's finer moments or irritated at his crappier ones.
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