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katchoo_too is away in Boston this week, so princessmei have been using up the contents of her Box so the produce won't go bad. Such helpful housemates.

I had a big salad with the yummy lettuce and carrots for lunch, and I've got a salmon filet defrosting to broil with a little lemon and dill and have with the aparagus and fingerling potatoes. There's some leftover apples, too, from the last shipment, so I'm thinking of making apple brown betty for dessert. Hopefully my housemate will wake up in time to partake.

I also have liralen's recipe for whole wheat cinnamon buns in the breadmaker. I've been craving cinnamon buns for a while, and this recipe sounded tasty. I used King Arthur white whole wheat flour instead of regular wheat flour -- I love the nuttiness that whole wheat has, but not the bitterness, and white whole wheat is great for that.

Oh, and Robert Urich died yesterday. He always had a rep for being one of the nicest actors around, and there's a lovely little reminisce in a friend of a friend's journal that backs it up.
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