Laura (tavella) wrote,

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god damn spyware

Argh. Just purged GainGator off my computer (thank you, ad-Aware.) It's disturbing that I had it at all, though -- I'm usually very careful with what I download. First time I ran Ad-aware, only spyware were some doubleclick cookies, and those were in IE, where I don't bother to run Cookie Pal since I use it so seldom.

It might have come with audiogalaxy or kazaalite, but I'd have thought it would have popped up before now. I'm thinking it must have come with the Shockwave download I did earlier. Which is extra disturbing, since I was at when I authorized it (wanted to play Junkbot.) Stupidly, I did not check file dates before deleting everything gator-related.

Anyone else find themselves infected after authorizing a Shockwave update?
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