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Went shopping for Cera-present tonight, and picked up The Last Hero for myself. Very, very good Pratchett and the most wonderful Kidby illustrations. The dream-one of a dead A'tuin and lava-drenched Discworld was at once gorgeous and horrifying. I'm still digesting it, but it's one of the deeper and more subtle Pratchett works.

Also picked up a calligraphy pen set and some pretty paper. With potential unemployment looming next week I really shouldn't be splurging like that, but I've decided to be resolutely optimistic. Anyway, it wasn't a big splurge.

Cowboy Bebop this week got back to wonderful after a quality slump around Jupiter Jazz. Much Ed and Ein, which rocks my world. I'm less enamoured with Spike than some; he's more interesting than most angsty bishonen types with Tragic Pasts, but it's not an archetype that I go for.
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