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kitty thoughts

So, I'm debating with my roommate whether I'm a cat abuser. Leonard picked up a scrape 4-5 days ago, which got noticed in the evening. I put some topical antibiotic on it and made plans to take him to the vet the next day. Looked at in in the morning and it had scabbed over, decided it was pretty minor and I'd keep an eye on it. Main scab fell off a couple of days ago, leaving pink skin and two little scabs where the scrape was deeper.

However, my roommate insists it's infected. So I've been picking up Leonard at random moments and poking at it, trying to decide whose construction of reality is correct. The bare area is a bit raised, which is my only concern, but it's not puffy, there's no redness, and Leonard doesn't react even if I poke and prod it.

Thing is, I'm usually the most hypochondriac cat parent in the world -- twice in the last year I've anxiously dragged Leonard to the vet over small things where the vet looked at it and said 'he's fine.' So this is me, trying hard to suppress my hypochondria and make sensible decisions. Head says 'cat doesn't mind scrape being poked and squeezed, cat happy and behaving normally, keep an eye on it but it's okay ', but heart is anxious and upset and now, after another confrontation this evening, I'm feeling depressed and sad in ways I haven't been since I left DC.

It's not that I can't come up with the $80 for a vet appointment, but I'd rather save it for when he needs it. But maybe at this point it's worth it just to relieve the whole household's anxiety. I'm pretty sure that she'll poke at it, say it's fine, and hand me antibiotics just in case, which is what's happened everytime I've taken a cat to the vet for a cut, but... sigh.
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