Laura (tavella) wrote,

sunday brunch

I had just just mixed up some pancake batter for breakfast this morning when my body abruptly informed me that it didn't want any sugar. Since I think you should listen to your body when it doesn't want sugar, I put the batter aside to cook up later and freeze, and pondered what to have.

I had made some bacon last night to crumble into potato leek soup, and had been reminded of how much I like bacon and how long it had been since I had it and how much I like it. And something potatoey and cheesy and eggy seemed right. So I cooked three strips of bacon in one of the smaller sautee pans, then peeled and diced one of the larger yukon gold potatoes from the Box. I don't like the texture of onion, never have, but a scramble really needs something oniony to make it meld. Conveniently, I had scallions, so I chopped up four of them and dumped that and the potatoes into the pan once I had put the bacon aside. Added generous amounts of salt and pepper, and turned the burner down to low while I emptied the dishwasher and did a few chores, probably 15 or so minutes of cooking.

Once the potatoes and scallion were soft and lightly browned, I scrambled three eggs with more pepper and salt. Spread the potatoes out and poured the egg on top, tilting the pan until it was spread out evenly. Covered and cooked on low for 10 minutes and then sprinkled a little cheese on top and let it melt. I ate half of it with two strips of the bacon and a slice of toast from the white wheat bread I made Friday, sitting outside on a very lovely day. Yummy.

If I do it again, I'm going to drain part of the bacon fat before I add the potatoes -- I had intended to drain them after they cooked, but unsurprisingly the potatoes pretty much soaked it up. A little bacon fat makes everything tastier, but they didn't need that much.
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