Laura (tavella) wrote,

sun and water

Mystery of the morning: how Leonard managed to levitate a large almost full cup of water off the desk and all over the carpet, when there was a minefield of papers, cups, and my elevated mousepad blocking any possible route. I'm sort of grateful, as if I was going to have 16 ounces of water dumped I'd rather it be on the carpet than my desk, but mystified.

APOD has a very cool picture of the sun sliding past the moon over the Golden Gate on Monday. I made a pinhole camera with the helpful suggestions of eyelessgame ( I knew the theory but didn't know that aluminum foil makes for a better hole and the like) and went out to watch occasionally. The neatest part was an effect that I had heard of but never seen -- the dapple of sunlight on our front porch turned into a constellation of crescent moons, from the narrow beams of sunlight through the leaves. I got a couple of pictures, though the effect doesn't really come through.

I do wish I had had welder's glass -- people looking at it directly said that several sunspots were visible.
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