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boundy goodness

Bound was fabulous last night. Last time I went, I ended up hiding in a booth and geeking with my friends all night, and this time I was determined not to be so introverted. And lo, I went around and flirted with people and was hit on and made new friends and all was happy and good.

There was one very Disclave moment -- I was sitting back in the organizers' corner watching a couple do some wonderful japanese rope work, when Patrica narrowed her eyes and said 'isn't that a water pipe she's bracing herself on?' Shortly thereafter she was bracing herself on something else, and there was no flood. I ended up spending a good time chatting with the pair of them and admiring the intricacy of the web.

I got enough random compliments to almost weird me out, as I wasn't wearing anything really special, and in a group with Stuart at his most leather trenchcoated gothboy cuteness and Michelle looking pretty nice in her little black outfit I wouldn't have expected to be the main target.

It was pretty keen to talk to Michelle. I usually see her at FLTD and she's a little offputting, but she was much more extroverted last night and we had some nice random conversation.
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