Laura (tavella) wrote,

so you wanna watch the World Cup

Cops in SF shut down bars that had opened to serve coffee and allow people to watch the US-Germany World Cup game. This is a classic case of what I call the asshole style of policing. From the uniformity of the enforcement and the earliness of the shutdown times, if this was inspired by noise complaints, it was noise complaints from the previous weekend, not that night. So there was plenty of time to to stop by the bars beforehand, say "I know you've been staying open for the World Cup, but we've been getting noise complaints, and your permit doesn't cover it. We really can't allow it any more." If they can organize enough cops to do a mass raid at 4:30 am, they can certainly manage to visit the bars during the week.

Everyone wins. If there are really people who are putting in noise complaints, they won't be getting woken up at 4:30 am before the cops actually shut it down. The patrons get a chance to make alternate plans. The bar owners get a chance to make their protests to City Hall instead of angrily in the middle of the night. The employees don't have to get up early to be there. The cops don't have to deal with a potentially unruly crowd.

Everyone benefits. Except, of course, whoever in the heirarchy though their cop resume would be buffed by a nice public big raid and crackdown. It's not a behavior that is limited to cops, and it's not a behavior that cops uniformly engage in, but it so annoys me when it occurs.
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