Laura (tavella) wrote,

sometimes you win sometimes you lose

I try to patronize little local independent shops, I really do. So, after dropping Megan off at Watercourse Way and doing a little Whole Foods stocking up, I found movie star parking in front of Megabooks. Which was closed. So I went down the street to the used CD shop. Which was closed. And then I saw the the tabacconist across the street and thought 'Ah! A chance to check the color mix in Sobranies for a story.' You guessed it, closed.

But Borders was wide open, so I did a little browsing and then lounged on the Victorian chaise lounge and read a book about the Nepalese royal family massacre. Interesting, but nothing that the BBC didn't already cover. Picked up Megan and we went to sushi, ending up at Ariake after covering half the pennisula in the quest to find someone who would actually sell us sushi before dinnertime on Sunday.

Emily's party last night was fun, though loud, I was having weird metal echoes when people spoke to me for the rest of the night. I felt a little sorry for the lead singer of UFD, though. It's music to dance to, but they were playing to a group heavily salted with NoCal geeks who are very shy about dancing in public. Chrisber and Christie were the stellar exception.
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