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I made the mistake of wearing a sweater to Cera's birthday party, which had about 30 people in a small space with a fire. After 15 minutes or so I determined that heatstroke was in my future, and went home to change to my choli. Silk and short and blessedly cooler. After that it was much more tolerable, and I caught up with various horders, met Joshua Petterson for the first time and admired his cute little infant chimpanzee feet (really, it's a compliment!), and talked layoffs in the kitchen with some of the other Sun people. I also met Leonard's half brothers and mother, Toast, Marmalade, and Torch. The kittens were absolutely adorable and very friendly even in the big crowd; I hope Leigh Ann gets one of them.

Elevenish I headed over to Jon & Beth's for the tail end of their party; this is the one I missed last year because I was busy wrecking my car on 280. This year, wreckage was avoided, hot tubbing was had, and DDR was observed.

Then I came home and talked Feng Shui with Megs for a while. I'm not sure what the hell I did to my character, but it made Megs smirk and refuse to tell me what the dice result meant. Argh.
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