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16 July 2002 @ 01:20 pm
There was a vast ant evacuation going on out on the patio this morning. What looked like the entire contents of an anthill, racing back and forth and carrying eggs and pupae. I can only think that they were being flooded out by the sprinkler running, but we water fairly frequently. Maybe it was just closer to the patio than usual.

There were three main lines of retreat, but I couldn't trace exactly where they were coming and going to, as thousands were just running around wildly and I couldn't get close enough to track what was going on without crushing them (or getting ants running wildly all over me.) One appeared to be heading somewhere under a stump on the patio, and another into a crack, but I fear that some may have taken up residence in the bag of potting soil. I'll have to gently discourage them if that's so.

I quite like ants, as long as they stay out of my house. I wonder, will they split into little colonies wherever they managed to evacuate some eggs to, or will they eventually reconnect and ingather?