Laura (tavella) wrote,

sunny morning

Feeling better this morning, in fact that was my first thought on waking, after two days in a row of waking up still tired and draggy. It was great to wake up and actually want to get up. Yesterday it was 2 hours vertical, then sleeping for 2 hours all day long, though I did manage one 5 hour stretch up in the evening. Temperature went from 101.4 last night to 96.5 this morning, and now has stabilized at a little above normal, which probably has a lot to with why I'm feeling better. Got my chai and it's a pretty sunny morning and maybe I'll actually shower and get out of my pajamas before 5pm today.

Not surprising, I did nuthin' yesterday. I did manage to get to dinner at Amber India Friday, and it was nice chatting with Adam who I haven't seen since Trip's game. I hope I didn't infect anyone, I was trying to be careful and mostly eating my mulligatawny soup (chicken and lemon and spicy, just about perfect food for a cold), but if I had known how sick I was going to be the next day I wouldn't have gone. I was mostly just stuffy and sorethroated Friday.
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