Laura (tavella) wrote,

Apologizes to the people I disappeared on last night, my computer crapped out and I was too tired to boot it up again to just say goodbye.

Made pork fried rice last night, having had the sudden urge for it and remembering that I had a couple of pounds of frozen pork tenderloins. Would have been better if I had also remembered that you need to chill the rice for an hour first, but once I had thought of it I had my heart set on it so I ended up eating dinner very late.

Chopped a couple of the tenderloins, maybe two thirds of a pound, into strips and then diced a carrot, a stalk of celery, three spring onions and about a fingerlength of ginger. We have a nice flat bottomed wok for the stove, so I poured in a little peanut oil and sautee'd the pork and ginger with some soy. Scooped the pork and ginger out once it was nicely browned and put it aside, and then cooked the vegetables in the leftover oil for a few minutes until they started getting soft. The rice went in next, four cups worth, and I stirred it around and started breaking up clumps so that it could all be covered. Had to add a little more oil and soy sauce since what was there wasn't enough, and added the pork and some pepper back in late in the process.

Once the rice was pretty well coated and mixed, I made a bare spot in the middle and poured in two beaten eggs, stirring them until they were semi set and then mixing in with the rice. Easy dish, and quite tasty, though still lacking a little something to round out the taste. I thought about adding basil, since I have fresh leaves provided by the lovelyl tersa, but I wanted to establish a baseline in the traditional recipe before I start mixing things up. I'll try some garlic next time, maybe.

I also need to grate the ginger -- chopped, I get little bursts of ginger flavor which kind of disturb the mellowness of fried rice for me. And maybe add more vegetables
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