Laura (tavella) wrote,

lazy me

I've been sadly behind in updating my journal. Not that you missed that much.

Last night was game night at Slimy, which ended up more fun than usual. I tend to wander over to game nights late enough that nearly everyone is locked into long strategy games, so I'll make my greetings and chat a bit and bail out. There were a lot of free radicals still left this time, so I ended up getting drafted to test play some puzzles for a geographical scavenger hunt -- basically, you get handed a mysterious sheet of paper or handful of puzzle pieces, and you have to determine first what the rules of the puzzle are, and then solve it.

I had heard of these before, but this was the first time I'd actually played one of the puzzles, and I was amused to realize that it was a very advanced version of a game I'd played first with my babysitters and then with my own babysitted kids -- a rhyme or a riddle or a drawing giving a clue to the next location where you'd find a clue, and so on until they found a treat at the end of the trail.

Now I want to play one -- I'm ineligible for this one of course, but I'm going to try to make the next one. Maybe one that isn't a 28 hour marathon, though as this one is scheduled to be.

I also got introduced to Skitgub, which is a card game. Except they don't tell you the rules, you have to determine them from observation. The second phase is fairly easy to grasp, but the first is trickier, though the people teaching us were more generous than they were really supposed to be -- they'd explain occasionally why a play was illegal, rather than just whacking the failed player and moving on, which is the traditional method.
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