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15 August 2002 @ 11:53 pm
you think I'd know how to walk by now  
I mangled my ankle leaving work, misstepped on one of the traffic bumps in the parking lot and ended up rolling around on the asphalt in agony. Sufficiently dramatically that two guys in a pickup truck on the some distance away street stopped and asked if I was okay. I said embarrassedly that I'd be fine, but they got out of the urrtruck anyway, and I eventually admitted that some help to my car would be nice. So they gathered up the stuff that I had dropped and helped me over. Hurray for nice random passerby; my car is an automatic and it was my left ankle, so I could drive home.

Iced my ankle and Megan gave me a ride over to D&D, where I managed to be reasonably useful -- ray of frosted some green slime off of the cleric who was sliding rapidly toward 0 con, and cleared out a couple of rooms with fire-breath. Managed to catch a disease off plague rats, though, which isn't going to be pretty.