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19 August 2002 @ 09:12 pm
Whee. That was not fun. Had a really bummed out weekend, a bout of the sort of nearly paralytic depression I haven't had in years. Triggered, oddly, by a really nice social evening on Friday -- Drew and Cindy had figured out to how to use a projector to play DVDs on the sheets that surround our laundry area outside. 80s double feature of Ghostbusters and Real Genius and grilling.

Shook myself out of it enough to do some videotape filing last night, so at least got one percent of what I wanted to get done this weekend done.

Considerably better today; I'm a person that really needs to work to feel sane, so going in to work was useful. Even if I ended up feeling rather homocidal at points, because my ankle is still aching like mad and people kept *chattering* at me when I wanted to concentrate. Pain really erodes my ability to be cheerful at people. Came home and took an Aleve and am watching the TCAs. Hurray for stupid mindless entertainment.