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livejournal as an agent of surreality

Surfing back on the friends list to see 911 reactions in context. Using diony's list because mine doesn't go back that far. And on the 12th, amid all the grief and anger, the worries about friends, the fears for Arab-Americans, I read this from caynen.

Ran down Mayoi beach; nothing that awful. Grievvers up to Virulent, yes; a couple of Drudge Lurkers. Didn't see any Olthoi but I'm sure one'll turn up. I guess it's all stuff I can be casual about at level 25, but if I was younger I'd be unhappy. Still, the bits of the beach close to town are the same, Drudges and Gromnies and Golems.
Mayoi was obviously a beach up in SF, and my imagination spun outward to a DeLintish secret war where homeless people were Grievvers in rags and Drudges were the grey business-suited workers of workaday SF. The sort of fiction where you are not sure if the distorted view is the ravings of a schizophrenic or the revelation of the true state of things.

After a few moments I looked at the next entry, and the glass of the world shifted back into place as I realized it was a journal for a MMORPG.
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