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I had some Prince of Wales tea, and was puzzled because I didn't remember there being any mint in the mix. Realized that it was because it's been living in a plastic jar with very strong mint tea for the last half year. It's a nice effect, though. Now drinking maple tea, from the collection Kris sent me. Feeling very Barrayaran, somehow.

Continuing to configure the new computer. Finally found a skin I liked for Winamp 3, Ocrana. Which has a color scheme available that is strong with the purple. Yes, it's a theme here on Kousei. Winamp and Trillian are all living on the right monitor, with with my pretty APOD background.

Eudora also lives there when it is open, but it is less snazzy. There are no Eudora skins. Clearly I need a hip, happening mail program with skins to go with the rest of my suite.

Oh, and the one sad thing about Winamp 3? My lj client no longer auto-detects music. Grump.
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