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01 October 2002 @ 02:02 pm
damn proprietary formats  
Wow. Real *really* doesn't want you to download the free player anymore. You go to the home page and you get nothing but RealOne, with no way to find the other downloads. I resorted to google, and every direct path to the english version was bouncing back to RealOne. Finally went sideways through the Dutch version, and even then I had to go to the actual download page and change to english before it would let me get it without dragging me back to RealOne.
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Organizational Anarchistnapalmgod on October 6th, 2002 04:54 pm (UTC)
No, they still have the free version, they're just amazingly sneaky about it. When you go to real.com, they have this little teeny "Free Realone Player" link hidden somewhere on the page. Right now it's on the upper right side. Of course, that takes you to another page that tries to get you to buy Real One, and lists all the reasons why you really don't want the crappy limited free player *cough*downloadable from here*cough*...

Real drives me nuts with their constant ads, popups notifying me of available upgrades, etc. I hardly ever use content encoded for them anymore.