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1-1 leaving LA isn't *bad*...

Went over to Slimy to watch the game; ate yummy Mary-dip and Dave-apple crisp and watched the Giants lose. I don't think I've watched a sports game since I changed coasts, and I had forgotten, I actually kind of like watching baseball. Courtesy of my mother, I have a grounding in all the sports, but baseball was the only one I occasionally deliberately watched, instead of just because it was on and I wanted to be social. It felt very warm and familiar; in the household of my childhood, the men did the dishes after the holiday meals and the women went and watched the game, and it reminded me somewhat of that. There was snarking at errors and admiration of the fine pitching of the Angel's prodigy. A good game, exciting to the last out.

Earlier, I had been doing an icon for the wiki-pages for Mary's Rolemaster-MiddleEarth game. Because I'm an insane geek, I took the campaign name ("The Dreamer Will Awaken"), translated it into Quenya ("Olormo cuivuva"), transliterated that into Tengwar script, slapped it into photoshop, added a color screen and a noise gradient to give it a little texture. Which is a lot of effort for such a simple result, but I like it.

And I have my music detection back! New version of the Sema client.
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