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I am a dork

Moments when you feel truly stupid: when you are careful to warn someone that there is broken glass near the washer, and then you yourself go out to empty the dryer. In bare feet. Not remembering the glass until it crunches under your feet. Fortunately, I managed to not actually get speared by any fragments. The broom badly needs to be found.

I am bouncing in anticipation of an Amazon order. I had a gift certificate that I had been hoarding until enough stuff that came out that I just *had* to have. Now is that moment, and I ordered the U2 Best Of limited edition, with both the extra B-sides disc and a bonus DVD, Pratchett's new one Night Watch, and Ellen Kushner's sequel to Swordspoint, Fall of the Kings. The Kushner in particular has me purring. I've been hearing about the sequel for years; a reading at a convention here, a reference in an article there. Given my love and adoration for Swordspoint, it has been an awful tease.

Plus, my cool new linbot icon! I was of course badly tempted by the new 4-disc set, but given a number of my friends have it on order, I'm pretty sure I'l manage quality time with it soon. Must spend quality time, because look! A whole new movie.
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