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14 November 2002 @ 01:54 am
Looking through my pictures is strange. The first pictures I took with this camera were Christmas Day, and they are a record of losses huge and small now. The big one of course is my friend Edith; we went to her family's house on Christmas Day as we always did, and I took a few pictures. I caught her unaware of the camera in this one, and I think it has a lot of her personality in it:

The small ones are our family dog, Shandi, and the last cat of my childhood, Samantha. I picked her up as a stray kitten someone had brought to a SCA Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society, back when Terrorist Society was still a good joke. Shandi died not long after my visit, Samantha just a couple of weeks ago. They were both quite old for their species, but I had still hoped to see them another Christmas.

So this Christmas I'll mourn what is gone and take joy in what I have still: my parents, my sister and brother, my friends. Do all the old beloved rituals, give each other gifts, sit and talk over a delicious meal, put on silly hats and read Christmas stories to each other.