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the doom falleth

It was strange, I've never gone into work knowing I was going to be laid off before. I was terribly tidy, I actually did laundry the night before so that I could wear my nice black shirt for the meeting with my boss, and I moved the extra monitor on my desk so that we could talk across my table without it in the way, and I got in nice and early so that I was ready for it.

I think my boss was relieved I was so calm, because it turns out that the whole web function is being dropped, so my former boss when I was a consultant was also laid off. And she had 18 years with Sun, a two digit employee number, and MS to boot. A way more stressful layoff for everyone. I feel much worse for her than I do for me, though I'm pretty sad, I loved working for Sun.

It was also tricky because I knew that she was laid off from my meeting, something my boss probably wasn't supposed to let slip, and I saw my coworker before her own meeting. I wasn't quite sure what to say, since it wasn't my role to tell her, but I also didn't want to lie to her when she asked. So I compromised and said 'it doesn't look good, the web stuff is going away.'

There was never much stuff in my office and I took a lot home last night, so the rest all went in the Trader Joe's bag I brought (more preparation) pretty quickly. Most of my time went into cleaning up files on my computer and writing up how to debug the exemption form, a tricky bit of software with a habit of crashing a lot. I mailed myself the files I wanted to keep, I gave my boss the root passwords, and I was gone by 2pm.

Sun's last gift to me? A minor case of food poisoning from the lunch we grabbed in the cafeteria during a cleaning break. I thought the pain might be from tension, except I wasn't tense, and by evening it made itself known as real illness.

Tomorrow, the resumes start going out.
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