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26 October 2001 @ 07:39 pm
the endless struggle  
Went to Ryowa for dinner and had a giant bowl of ramen that cleared my sinuses nicely. Couldn't eat more than a third of it, though, and the headache that I'm trying to fight off made serious headway. Picked up a Jamba (yes, I was with Megs, why do you ask?) with Energy Boost on the way home in the hopes that I will not curl up in a little ball in a corner tonight. The nap I took for the same purpose did not help a lot, and the cold is gaining. Grumble. Will not miss Bound Halloween, dammit.

Megs and I had an interesting conversation about social circles and honesty, which I'm pondering posting about if I can manage it without pissing too many people off.

Off for two Aleve and a hot shower.
Current Mood: sicksick