Laura (tavella) wrote,

My bottle of really fabulous champagne failed to get drunk. There were preliminary plans to drink it after the hot tubbing portion of the evening, but shots of bourbon and scotch + cloves + hot tub equal puddle of Laura. I leaned against a video machine and smiled serenely at people for a while, and then wandered off and found a blanket and collapsed under it at 4am. It's very sad, champagne does't really last so I need to find an excuse to drink it, but I want to do so with people that will appreciate it. Gloria Ferrar cuvee'. Rich and flavorful, not thin and sharp like most champagne, without all the extra sugar Korbel puts in.

Otherwise, it was a great New Year's Eve. I saw actual midnight in with Harold and co, but then drove down to Slimy and hung with people until said 4am collapse. And when we got up, the wondrous Beth fed us strawberry crepes and pancakes, and there was gaming and goofing off (I have played way too much Dark Gauntlet today), and eventually we went out for Chinese.
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