Laura (tavella) wrote,

I got pointed at this, from where I can't recall now. The animation is mildly amusing if one-joke, but really, the purely surreal part is that the soundtrack is obviously taken from a real 50's teaching movie for schools. Duck! And Cover! With a little jingle! You can just picture the happy scenes of Janie going to school, and miraculously being spared from harm because she ducks behind a mailbox.

And of course, it's The Narrator. I don't know if they still use them, probably not, but I went to elementary school in the 70s, and they were still using the old 50s science educational documentaries, which were invariably narrated by the same guy. Old Disney wildlife 'documentaries'(1) too. I don't know who he is or if he's still alive, but he's as familiar and recognizable to me as the Movie Trailer Guy ("In a world where...")

(1) As we know, Disney 50s documentaries were even worse than the usual run of wildlife documentaries as to truth and accuracy.
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