Laura (tavella) wrote,

Watch my hatred of SBC grow!

One of the companies I work for, AIM, has their website hosting at Pacbell, or did. As part of the whole merger/buyout thing, they migrated our site to SBC.

They helpfully notified us of this... by mailing someone who hasn't been at the company in two years. Yes, we've twice updated this address.

Once we found out about it, we were informed that our email and website would be down 24 to 72 hours. Remember, this is supposed to be *business* hosting. And at that, we were lucky; according to the hold message at SBC, some people still aren't getting their mail, a week later.

And then we discovered that a number of our perl scripts were broken. Apparently, SBC likes to use cgi-local instead of cgi-bin, so they oh so helpfully had a script mass edit all of our files. Which to my mind they never should have touched int he first place, but if they were going to do it, they should at least not *mangle* things. I give you an example path:


which would be a most not-valid path (should just be /cgi-local/Resquiz). search and replace, you bastards, it's not that hard to get right.

And it's currently taking nearly 24 hours for email to make it from one person in the company to another, much less externally.

Anyway, all of which ranting is leading up to: want a new hosting company. Right now, AIM is getting phone, DSL, and web/email from SBC, and they probably don't want to change phone or DSL, but looking for a hosting company:

minimum 20 email addresses, more would be nice
minimum 100 meg space
perl support
preferably shell access, though that's not an absolute requirement
reasonable reliability and support

Any suggestions?
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