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midnight on the hallowed eve

We played Ar Noir at Avalon tonight so that we could pass out candy to the kiddies. The queens of Avalon all dressed in long black skirts and dresses, and Tony wore black and horns (gaining a rather unnerving resemblance to Kevin in the candlelight.) Leonard and Katchoo were put in butterfly wings and Simon into a bow tie, but Leonard was the only one who stayed in costume long enough to be shown off to his fan club when they arrived for trick or treat.

He looked most adorable in the monarch wings, even if not entirely happy with giant *things* on his back, and he even chased his toys with wings wobbling. Pictures were taken and will be posted eventually.

Ar Noir went well, for giant-cthuloid-creatures values of well. Wendy managed to shatter the mysterious black cartouche, but shortly thereafter black oozing tentacles crawled out of the lake. We retreated in a cinematic scatter of cars, and called in the BAA, who did the mystical equivalent of the nuke. The lake mostly isn't there anymore.
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