Laura (tavella) wrote,

Ah, nothing to distract your train of thought from work like taking a big swig of coffee, having it meet a cough coming up, and covering your entire desk in a fine mist of coffee and milk. Leonard peered over the edge of basket and gave me the 'humans are insane look.'

After my excited burbling about having DSL back last week, it went to crap within the day, to the point where I'd get enough 10 minute spurts for my machine to download my mail and not much else. And Earthlink had reached that 'Covad says that if it's not stable at 356K, there's nothing they can do' state. But my whimper at that apparently inspired the nice young lady on the Earthlink help line, they agreed to send someone out to the house again, probably Monday, to see if there was anything fixable about the line. And lo, since Monday I've had both my usual speed and connectivity of reasonable stability.

I'm hoping this was the result of something they actually did, and not another one of those the sunspots align and you get net events that tease me with the belief things are fixed.
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