Laura (tavella) wrote,

More adventures with California wildlife. Something that resembled a large gerbil dashed in front of my car as I came off of 85. I was hoping that it was small enough to not get hit -- I wasn't going to slam on the brakes as close as it was, and in the rain -- but I fear a back wheel caught it. Now I'm wondering if there's a California rat that has a golden color; I'm used to gray-black rats, and that was not this.

And good news from EDD. I discovered I might be eligible for another unemployment claim, having worked enough last year to qualify. I called them, and I am. In fact, I'm eligible at the highest rate, which has gone up from last year. I boggle at this with great boggling, but I'm not going to say no! Between the higher rate and my new slightly lower rent, it covers something much closer to my actual living expenses than the last claim. It's a nice fall back to have, even if I make enough money with contracting not to have to use it.
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