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30 March 2003 @ 02:59 pm
Whee! My neighbors are hanging out in their driveway playing mariachi music on the car radio. Which is not the worst thing I've heard, but unfortunately their driveway is right next to my window and they like to play it loud. It's not really the thing when you are headachy and sleepy at 10am on a Sunday morning. At least I'm up and working.

Though a bit grumpy, because I was persuaded to reduce my estimate for this project because the client had an estimate they weren't willing to flex from. The lower estimate wasn't unreasonable if everything went well, but I don't estimate assuming that, not being Donald Rumsfield. And I turned out to be correct. The document isn't that long, but it has a ton of graphics, so I spent a lot of time erasing english in photoshop and then tweaking text boxes into place. And it's insanely slow to update and print. End result, they are going to get about 50 percent more hours on this than they are actually paying me for.

I'm not hideously unhappy, it's still a good chunk of money, but next time I'm just going to have to say 'that's not a realistic estimate.'