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the art of unemployment

I fiddled with my resume in the morning and then spent the afternoon in my orientation meeting at the transition center. I was not overly impressed -- the director had way too much slick bonhomie for my taste. But the resume creation and editing classes and the interview skills and practice sessions look worth it, and thus I'm willing to do all the prerequisite crap they want. Jane and I filled up the next week with classes, they don't start until then.

End of this week is busy with using my last days of Sun coverage; officially we are employed until the 5th, and thus covered under Sun instead of Cobra. After a half an hour on the phone bounced among four different people, I was with large amounts of pathetic begging able to schedule a gyn appointment on Friday. The regular appointments were booking for January already, but after I was blown off by the regular schedulers and advice nurses, a lovely lovely lady at the Los Altos branch heard my plea and got me in. I also have another appointment for my wrist tomorrow, and I plan to get an eye exam and contacts Monday.

Today's benefit briefing presented me with one dilemma. California unemployment insurance benefits change from a max of $230 a week to $330 a week in January 1, but only for new applicants. If I do the full six months of benefits, that's $2600 over the period; but if I get employed within six months from now, I'll have lost out on $2000 that I would have gotten over the next two months. $1400/mo will actually cover my fixed expenses and $1000/mo won't, but I'd have to burn a large percentage of my available cash to support myself until the end of the year, while applying right away will leave me with the maximum amount of cash at the end of the six months, when I might need it most. Aargh. I keep wavering as to which to do.
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