Laura (tavella) wrote,

Our landlord is so odd. Apparently he wandered past while the water meter man was checking the meter and askd him if he wanted to buy the house. The selling part doesn't surprise me, he's mumbled about that a couple of times about being too old to take care of the place anymore, but what a random way to go about it.

Not that the water meter man was not a little odd as well. He apparently thought about it a bit and decided he was interested, and since my landlord was no longer lurking about, he came knocking on our door. And expected me to give a tour of the house! No, I am not going to give a complete stranger a tour of the house without warning, thank you. I told him to write a note for Fred, the senior tenant that does all the communicating with the landlord. He's moving in with his girlfriend, though, so Tod and I will have to talk to Cindy, the landlord's daughter, and find out what's up. She's much more normal, fortunately.

If this had happened two weeks ago, I'd be pretty sanguine about having to move, but it turned out that the power upgrade last week solved many problems in the house. Trucks in the street all week and power out all Wednesday, but it turns out that much that I had blamed on the crappy house power was the crappy local power. I looked up at my lights on Wednesday night, and was startled by how much brighter they were. Apparently we were in a constant state of mild brownout. We haven't blown a fuse since, the refrigerator has started working properly again, and the DSL is much less cranky. So it'll be a pity if I have to move right now.

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