Laura (tavella) wrote,

Mmmm. Grapes for breakfast. I was going to have raisin bran, except the fridge has frozen the milk. After several weeks of good behavior, it has gone back to running constantly, which is severely cramping the whole eat-healthier inititive. Veggies don't really respond well to being frozen and defrosted.

Went to a seder with Cindy on Monday, the women's seder at her temple. We sat across from the woman who had run it up until last year, so there was some commentary. Not mean, really, but it was a trifle disorganized. And possibly the current leader had included a trifle too much text, as there was a rebellion in the ranks at a little before 8, and chunks were skipped. Including the story! Since everyone else there had already heard it five times that week. And our little newbie corner of the table was too shy (and hungry!) to object.

Also, people are so wrong, horseradish is not a bitter herb. Horseradish is yummy even eaten straight, and turns out to go really well with haroset (for the non-Jewish among you, there's a point in the seder ritual where you make a little sandwich out of matzah, haroset, and horseradish, to represent the bitter and the sweet.)
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