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09 May 2003 @ 03:50 pm
I really love the modern world. katchoo_too were on our way from lunch to the pet store, and on the way over I got a call from Minnesota, discussing an estimate they wanted me to make. I hang up and get out of the car, and Cindy is just returning a call to Billerica, so as we wander around and pick out cat food and advantage, she discusses her current project. No having to be pinned down at home when I'm working!

This week was Balazar, Al's Glorantha campaign, and I felt much more in the swing of things. Last game was our first in two months, and I was um, reacting more in D&D mode. "What can I kill, and and what can kill me?". When we are actually subsistence hunters, so our primary question is "What can I eat, and what can I run away from?" Ken called me on it, and I was a little embarrassed! But I felt more in tune this game.

It was not our finest hour, however, as we were ambushed by another set of hunters and then I badly blew the escape plan. "The hunters are distracted by a broo! Befuddle our guard and run to grab the twins!" And I roll a 4. "Okay, run to grab the twins and *then* befuddle the guard." And I roll a 2. And get a spear through my abdomen. Ow.

But Al was merciful and the reinforcements arrived before I got coup de graced. And we now have more mysteries to mull; just what ritual were the hunters trying to perform using us?