Laura (tavella) wrote,


Last night I debuted my temporary PC for Southern Hadil, Tony's D&D campaign. Half the PCs, including Kavari, were off on a side mission to elf territory to kill orcs over the last few weeks, and now we are now playing out the other side of that. So it was a chance to experiment with a medium level character without having to commit, and I decided to take the opportunity to play with feats. Dagne's a greatsword fighter with a bit of rogue, and instead of minmaxing by taking weapon focus and specialization, I took the whole Whirlwind Attack tree and the cleave tree up to Great Cleave. I really want to see how those two interact.

Of course, then she ended up fighting a single big fire elemental, making them both useless! The layout was interesting -- our setting is the tripartite Confluence, and the gaming group was split up among the three town guards, each of which was attacked by an elemental. But to make things easier, all three fights were played out on the same map, the gaming equivalent of split screen. Dagne got in some good hits, despite rolling horribly (3,1,1 for her attacks one round!), but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had gotten to use more strategy. I wanted to try to drop the bridge before the elemental got to shore, and I wanted to try to command my little guard detachment (I was the only PC in my city) in a tactical attack, but for plot reasons it ended up pretty much being toe to toe combat with the elemental, swinging a sword while the guards absorbed damage.

We took a break in the middle of gaming to look at the eclipse, and it was fabulous how 3D the moon looked. Not the silver abstract disk, but a little planet hanging in the sky, and looking remarkably like Mars.
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