Laura (tavella) wrote,

encounters with wildlife

So I'm down in the basement doing my laundry, and Leonard is abusing a couple of plastic bags in the corner. He's awfully interested in them for plastic bags, even if they are crinkly, so I go over to see if he's cornered a mouse. He's hissing at the bags, how odd. Pick one up, see a flash of brown, a twining movement and oh... that wasn't HIM hissing.

It was all sleepy because the basement is cold, so I decanted the snake safely into a plastic container. As soon as I've id'ed him and taken a picture, I'll let him go, but right now he's sitting pushed up against the side of the plastic, watching my hands alertly. When I lean in to look at him, he turns to look at that instead; smarter than your average mouse!

Something I guess I knew, but never thought about; snakes breathe. I just didn't realize they did it so visibly. It's fabulous watching this little heap of snake expand and shrink.
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