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01 June 2003 @ 02:05 pm
soap and things that need soap  
A decomissioned refrigerator is a frightening thing. Pathetically, the freezer that I actually dried out carefully and wiped down with ammonia is in worse shape than the refrigerator that I cleaned more casually. I attacked the mold with simple green, but I think I may just duct tape the poor thing shut. Since we aren't going to pay to have it hauled away, given it's not ours and we are moving soon.

Soap-making yesterday! tersa brought her materials over to Slimy, and I made a rose-scented scrubby-soap and a honey-cinnamon oatmeal bar. Which I am completely in love with the smell of. Every time I wander past, I have to stop and sniff. I may have to buy some soap base myself and experiment with more combinations. It's like candlemaking, which I always liked to do, but with much easier cleanup.

Afterwards, there was the Ducks/Devils game, but my interest in hockey tends to peter out after after a period, so after a while Mary, Chuck and I, my fellow non-hockey fans played Settlers of Catan, and eventually there was Hearts. I'll have to see if next gaming night we can get enough players together for double-deck elimination hearts, which is the most truly vicious variant on an often vicious game.