Laura (tavella) wrote,

not my day

That was a depressing visit to the dentist. I had indeed chipped a molar, but that wasn't what was causing the pain -- instead, my root canal for the tooth in front 'is failing'. He wanted me to get an appointment with a specialist to try to rescue it, but I said 'uh, no afford'. So I've got some antibiotics to see if I can suppress the infection, but he wasn't very optimistic that it would salvage things long term. Sigh.

Plus he suspected because of the way I chipped the other tooth that a filling would not last forever and it might be better to get a crown, but I've decided that I'll cope with the filling breaking down whenever it actually does.

Got home after that and gaming, and discovered not one, not two, but three cats waiting for me. Which is increasing my concern that nameless black kitten's friend is also a dumped SJSU cat. He's a really beautiful siamese, and very hungry. I'm hoping it's just a neighborhood kitty hanging out for free food, but I'm going to try the collar and note trick with him too, if I can catch him. He's much shyer, he'll follow the kitten in the door occasionally but won't let me touch him.

Of course, this would happen right before I'm moving. I shouldn't even get him accustomed to being fed, really; the idea of him waiting outside the empty house for food that never comes gives me nightmares. How those asshole students can just *walk away* from cats, I don't know. I hate people, I really do.
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