Laura (tavella) wrote,

looking for kitten-fosterers

So the little black kitten *is* pregnant. Only six months old, but I guess she was precocious. I'm currently pondering what to do; I could have Adobe do a spay-abort, but I'm awfully reluctant to do so when she's so far along -- I felt a bump on her side, pushed it a little, and the kitten went scooting away, so pretty far advanced. Dr. Johnson thought she'd deliver within a couple of weeks.

But I can't really foster her and move at the same time. So: is there anyone who is interested in fostering kittens? The mommy is very bold and friendly, and has black fur with golden highlights, a tiny little meow, and a huge purr. She loves being petted and adored, a real lap kitty. She tested negative for diseases and she's littertrained. I'd be interested in either people who wanted to foster her and the kittens and work with me on adopting them out, or people who wanted to adopt -- if I can't find a fosterer for her, I'm going to do the spay-abort, as bad as it would make me feel. If I can't find a home for her, it would be irresponsible to let her have kittens.

If you have any friends you think might be interested, point them here. I'm in San Jose, but I'm willing to drive a couple of hours if there's someone in Monterey or Sacramento.
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