Laura (tavella) wrote,

cherries and animal update

Mmm, I love cherry season. So sweet and delicious, and cheap for a few precious weeks every year.

On the way back from the store with my cherry plunder, I saw a raccoon loping across the street. I think California raccoons must be a different subspecies; he didn't look quite the same was the ones from back home, especially the face. Man, he was bold; after poking around the storm drain and eyeing me a bit, he walked away down the middle of the sidewalk. No trying to lurk in the bushes for him!

There's good news on the stray front. The siamese apparently does have owners; they didn't call me, but someone has blotted out my note on the collar with wipeout. I think they were trying to write their phone number on top of mine, but wipeout on woven plastic is not a very permanent medium. So I only have one stray to deal with, which is much more copable.

Poor Leonard has been a bit twitchy with all this strange cat activity, so I've been trying to give him more attention. This translates to watching more TV, because that leaves my hands (and half my brain) free, unlike the computer or books. Came home from esmerel's party last night a little early because I was wiped out, and flopped down and watched the MTV Movie awards with L snoozing on my chest. Or watched half of them, since he slowly edged his way up until his chin was propped on mine, blocking most of the screen.
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