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14 June 2003 @ 06:22 pm
friday stuff  
Saw Finding Nemo finally last night, with Sky and Katie. I didn't rave about it as much as some of the reviews, didn't think it was quite in Toy Story's class, but it was excellent all the same. And oh my the *animation*. Water's never looked so good.

And I signed the lease for my new place! Tiny, less than 400 sq feet probably, but it's part of a converted victorian, so it has wood floors, big windows, and 10-foot ceilings. And while it was advertised as a studio, it actually has a separate bedroom, and the front room has a little living area in front of the bay window, enough room for a couch, a chair, and my tv. It's only half a block from SJSU, so great if I decide to take classes there. Only $650 with utilities paid, which is an utter miracle considering some of the places I looked at.

The one right before this one, Sunny Court? Down in one of the poorest areas of SJ, and the place itself was a studio that looked more like a converted motel room than anything. But it was cheap, and thus not completely out of the question until I walked back out and noticed the complex smelled a little odd. Followed the smell back towards the back parking lot, and realized that I was hearing *squawking*. There was a chicken farm right across the back fence!