Laura (tavella) wrote,

apartment stuff

According to Home Architect, the apartment is actually 430 square feet. The bay windows add a surprising amount of space.

I've been trying to figure out what to do about my desk. I really like having my desk facing a window, so I can rest my eyes by occasionally watching the outside. The big window in the bedroom unfortunately faces only the very unattractive wall of the next-door house, so the the place to put the desk would be facing the small slanted window, which does give a view of the street.

Unfortunately, that wall is also the logical place to put the bed; I like sun in the morning because it helps me wake up, and the bed is low enough to fit under the bay window and thus leave more wall space in the room for bookshelves and cabinets.

So even though I love my huge desk, I'm thinking of abandoning it, and trying to build a desk into the corner. Get a custom-cut piece of heavy plywood or pressboard, get some brackets that will hook over the window sill on one side and use a 2-drawer file cabinet for the rest on the other side.

It's a tight fit; probably I should make a model out of cardboard and see if the chair will still fit between it and the bed.
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