Laura (tavella) wrote,

Man, these are some good cherries. Milk Pail had these vast containers of them, 4'x4' or so, that had clearly been filled right from the picker, still had occasional leaves mixed in, and trucked directly to the store.

The household cat count remains stable at two, as the kittens are stubbornly refusing to arrive. They seem content to stay inside and kick, which leads to NBK getting a startled look and twisting around to lick frantically at herself.

The Big Mooch (as is his new name) still comes to visit and I'll let him in for a bit so that NBK can see her pal. I'm cruelly foiling her plot to have her kittens under a bush somewhere where I can't find them by not letting her out. He doesn't get access to the Endless Bowl of Food any more, though, despite his pathetic looks. I'm on to your game, buster.
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